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I love the strength in body and mind that the yoga poses impart. Whether you are a novice or advanced student, each time you come to the mat you start anew. As we move through the practice of yoga with grace and strength, feeling the power in the poses, there are moments of incredible empowerment and accomplishment.  Yoga seeks to teach us our own limitless capability. The knowledge and understanding of our own anatomy and allows us to move safely and work our body to its fullest capacity- on the mat and in our daily life.


Yoga is accessible to everyone, at any time. Yoga meets you where you are.


My classes are always changing, often theme based but rooted in deep knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and correct alignment. You will leave my class feeling stronger and more knowledgeable, feeling accomplished and challenged. You will leave class feeling physically stronger, mentally lighter and always better then when you walked through the door.





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