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Fundamentals: Coming Back to the Basics

This is not a beginner class. This is for those of us that want to refine the poses that we repeat constantly in a vinyasa yoga class. Think, low push-ups, updog, downdog and warriors. We will create time and space to break down these postures and analyze the correct alignment to get the most out of these poses, while gaining strength and flexibility.

Inversions: Hang Time

Do handstands, forearmstands and headstands evoke fear and confusion or a sense of joy and playfullness? At this workshop we will breakdown these inspiring poses into smaller more attainable pieces. We will start to build the necessary strength and flexibility to put it all together and get "hang time" in these poses.


We often think of "six pack abs" when we think of core. In this workshop we will start to change our thinking to a more three demensional, all encompassing area. From the shoulders to the hips we'll strengthen our core functionally (no crunches!) to get it strong in our yoga poses. A strong core can get rid of back pain, gives you better posture, a flatter belly, and can get you into those cool, funky yoga poses.

Yin and Yang

In this workshop we will focus on flowing with a powerful yang style class, building tons of heat and strength for 60 minutes. Then, we'll cool it down for 45 minutes with yin holds to open and relengthen those areas we just worked. Leave this class feeling totally revived, with a sense of vigor, comfort and ease in your body and mind.

Teacher Trainings:

Update and Upgrade:

40 Hr Anatomy and Philosophy for serious practitioners and yoga teachers. 

November 30 - December 3  2019

Energizer Yoga

Raj Bahavan Road, Somajiguda INDIA

Past 200 Hr Teacher Trainings:

2016 -  Starr Yoga, Roslindale, MA

2013 - YogaPower, Waltham, MA

2011 - YogaPower, Waltham, MA

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