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On Being A Yoga Teacher

Its such a glamorous job. I exercise all day, I get to do yoga constantly. I can wear only workout clothing. It seems really easy and I make tons of money, plus many yoga teachers travel to exotic locations. Sounds like a a piece of cake, right? WRONG! To be a truly good yoga instructor you have to love it, you have to possess a desire to want to help people, to make other peoples lives better; to demonstrate how yoga has benefitted you. For most, there is no glory, no fame. Rather early mornings, late evenings. sweaty clothing, and endless travel either in a car, plane or public transit. often, you are barely making ends meet.

But then you get a note from a student telling you how you've changed their life, helped them to get stronger and aided them in healing from an injury or a breakup. Your classes and attention have given them ownership of their body and more presence in their life.

Those sentiments are what make this job glamorous. Those notes are why I teach, why I wake up at 4am to practice before I teach at 5:45am. Why I spent years teaching nights and weekends, and why I want to keep learning and growing and bettering myself.

Being a yoga teacher is far from glamorous but its one of the most rewarding things I have ever done and I am lucky every time I step into a room full of people wanting to learn and trusting me to teach them. Even at 5:45am ;)

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